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Voicemail: 571-306-0918
E-mail: mensclub@olamtikvah.org

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Renew Your Menís Club Membership or Join for the First Time!

Itís never too late to renew or join Menís Club. Your dues support OTís youth and education programming. Annual Dues: regular membership, $36, Mensch Member, $54 (with special recognition), or donate at the Super Mensch level for $72 and receive a kippah handmade by the women of the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda (proceeds go to the Abayudaya). New OT members are free! Send your checks with the membership form payable to Olam Tikvah Menís Club to the OT office, or contact mensclub@olamtikvah.org for instructions on paying online.

Men's Club EZ Home Sukkah and S'chach

Have you always wanted your own sukkah, but thought it was too expensive or too much hassle? Join our happy customers from last year and perform the mitzvah of using your own 8í by 10í sukkah this Sukkot for only $229 (plus $36 for s'chach if needed). You can also buy s'chach for your existing sukkah for $36. See the attached flyer or the one in the Men's Club mailing or contact us. Sukkah orders due Aug. 23, s'chach orders due Sept. 17. Menís Club plans to deliver and install each sukkah and deliver s'chach on Sept. 20 unless you direct us to do otherwise.

What are Menís Clubs about and why should you join? See this video, produced by an OT Menís Club member:


Regular Happenings

Soccer, Sundays at Chabad's field. All are welcome to join our weekly pick-up games. E-mail ericandrachel@verizon.net for more information and to be added to the mailing list.

Basketball, Monday evenings during the school year, 9:00pm-10:15pm, at Poe Middle School. Everyone's welcome to join our weekly pick-up basketball games, beginning this fall. E-mail mskraft13@yahoo.com for more details.

Board Meetings, first Thursday of the month, after minyan (about 8:15pm). All members are welcome, and should contact the Men's Club at mensclub@olamtikvah.org if they would like to attend a meeting.


January 11: OT Olympics #1: Bowling with Abba

January 25: OT Olympics #2: Northern VA Synagogue Basketball Tournament

February 8: Annual ďWorld Wide WrapĒ at services

February 14: Seaboard Blue Yarmulke Dinner

February 21: Boy Scout Shabbat

February 22: Brunch with OT Poet/Journalist Rick Black

February TBA: GMU Basketball w/ABBA

March 1: Pack Yom HaShoah Yellow Candles

March 8: Begin Yellow Candle delivery to OT home

March 22: Civilian Service Brunch Ė OTís Jim Finkel on his experiences dealing with genocide & war crimes

April/May weeknight: Washington Nationals game

April 26: Earth Day Electronics Recycling, OT

May 3: ABBA Steak & Vodka Dinner

May 8: Menís Club Shabbat dinner and annual meeting at OT after services

May 31: Family Miniature Golf Outing

July 8 Ė 12: FJMC International Convention, Deauville Resort, Miami Beach

July 19 or Aug 2: NoVA Synagogue Soccer Tournament Fundraiser for Kids of Sderot, Terror Victims in Israel


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