Keep The Lights Burning - Help Us Reach Our Goal

As 2017 draws to a close, our Olam Tikvah family has a wonderful Chanukah opportunity.  Some generous fellow congregants have stepped forward with an offer to MATCH year-end contributions: if OT members raise $18,000 in donations during the eight days of Chanukah the donors  will match that total.  With your generosity, we can make this happen.


As you look back on the calendar year and reflect on all that Olam Tikvah means to you, please consider making the Chanukah lights shine even brighter by participating. The Olam Tikvah Board of Directors thanks you for your support and hopes you'll join in this effort. 


Chanukah Shining Lights

Ann & Louis Bryan

Deedy & Ed Eisenson

Debby Swichkow & Ray Ellis

Vera Finberg

Susan & Bill Kristol

Rhona & Howard Nachman

Kitty & Jack Timmes

Judy Werbel


Thank you for

"keeping the flames burning

brightly @OT"


The amounts below show your total 8-night gift if your donation starts with a small amount the first night and doubles each succeeding night for the next 7 nights.  If you want to contribute a different amount other thatn the ones shown below, please enter your total donation in the box.


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