Adult Education

Scholar In Residence

April 5-7, 2019

Dr. Joshua Kulp

Dr. Joshua Kulp is the Rosh Yeshiva and co-founder of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where he has taught Talmud and halachah for over 20 years. He is the author of Reconstructing the Talmud and The Schechter Haggadah: Art, History, and Commentary. He also writes the material for the Mishnah Yomit and Daf Shevui online learning programs. For the past thirteen summers, Dr. Kulp has served as the scholar-in-residence at Camp Ramah in New England. Dr. Kulp made Aliyah in 1994 and lives in Modiin with his wife, Julie Zuckerman, and their four children. In his spare time, he is an avid triathlete and runner and has completed three Ironmans.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Kulp to our community and spend the weekend learning from him. Click below to register:

Friday night Shabbat dinner and lectureThe Cat that Ate the Mouse: The Strange and Wonderful Songs that End the Seder

Shabbat morning d'var and post-luncheon discussion

  • D'var: The History of the Haggadah in a Nutshell Full of Horseradish
  • Post-Kiddush luncheon: Christians and Jews: The History of a Passover Rivalry

Sunday brunch, illustrated powerpoint presentation, Rabbits and Lettuce: The History of the Haggadah in Art and Text

5779 Classes

Conflict in Israeli Society: Religious v Secular, NEW DATE TBD, at Gesher Jewish Day School. Israel’s diverse society is a strength and also causes conflict. The OT and Gesher Shlicha, Noy, brings Israel to life for us every day. Join her this month to discuss religious and secular cultures in Israel. This class will meet at Gesher and is the final class in Noy's series about Israeli society.

Like Dreamers Book Discussion with Rabbi Kalender, Sunday, March 31, 6:30pm. Following the lives of seven young members of the 55th Paratroopers Reserve Brigade, the unit responsible for restoring Jewish sovereignty to Jerusalem, author Yossi Klein Halevi reveals how this band of brothers played pivotal roles in shaping Israel’s destiny long after their historic victory. While they worked together to reunite their country in 1967, these men harbored drastically different visions for Israel’s future, which continue to define Israel today. Available for purchase in paperback and Kindle.

Israeli Elections with Noy Peri, Tuesday, April 2, 7:00pm. Have you ever wondered how the democratic system in Israel works? About the method of elections? Elections for the 21st Knesset in Israel will be held April 9. From the moment it was announced many parties came together, some broke apart, surprising turns of event and one indictment on the line. Where is Israel headed and what do Israelis think about when they go vote? Noy will teach you everything you wanted to know about Israeli democracy but were afraid to ask!

JTS Evening of Learning, Sunday, May 19, 5:00pm at B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville. Explore this year’s topic “What do we mean by ‘God?’” with Jewish Theological Seminary’s renowned faculty.

World of Hope Golf Classic

Tuesday, April 30, 11:30am. Join in on this annual golf fundraiser for the Rabbi Itzhaq M. Klirs Adult Education Fund. The tournament will be held at the Pleasant Valley Golf Course, Chantilly. If you don't play golf or can't make it that day, you can still support the Classic by sponsoring a hole. Click here to register or sponsor.


Ongoing Classes

OT offers adult programs throughout the year. There is no fee unless specified. New students are welcome to join most continuing classes at any time.

Mishnah Study with Rabbi Kalender, Wednesdays, 9:15-10:15am. Gather each Wednesday morning to discuss the first Jewish law code. Join this lively group as we consider this core text for Jewish ethics, ritual, and theology. No prior knowledge necessary, and the English translation is used. New students are welcome to join at any time throughout the year.

Talmud Study with Rabbi Ravski, Sundays, 6:45-8:00pm. Navigate the Talmudic thought process in Tractate Avodah Zarah, one of the most controversial sections of the Talmud. Avodah Zara (idol worship) was seen as an active denial of God and God's power. Through the construction of laws, the text explores the limits and boundaries of relationships between Jews and the larger ancient world in which they lived. The English translation will be used and copies of the text will be provided. If you would like to purchase your own volume, we will use the Koren-Steinsaltz edition of the Talmud, Tractate Avodah Zarah/Horayot (volume 32 of the whole series). New students are welcome to join at any time throughout the year.

Beginning Hebrew taught by Karyn Selko, Thursdays, 6:30-8:00pm. Are you ready to take the next step in your Hebrew skills? Our new Beginning Hebrew class is just for you! Focusing on skills like decoding, reading, and comprehension, this class will help you on your way to fluency in Biblical Hebrew. Tuition is $150 per year. To register, please contact Melissa Benson.

Modern Conversational Hebrew taught by Efrat Moses, Thursdays, 6:30-8:00pm. Students in this class meet weekly to read, speak, and write Modern Hebrew. The class is focused on expanding vocabulary and fluency. Tuition is $240 per year. For questions or to register, please contact Melinda Roth.

Shabbat Dinner and Study Group Newcomers always welcome! Join us at a congregant's home each month to welcome Shabbat and enjoy a delicious potluck fish/dairy meal. Discussions include the weekly Torah portion, a book of the Tanach, holiday topics, and contemporary themes. No Hebrew knowledge or previous Torah study experience is necessary. Our dynamic multigenerational group draws singles and couples, families with kids, older members, long-time members, new members, and people with a range of knowledge levels. Contact Eric Rothberg for more information and to get on our email list.