Adult Education

5779 Fall Classes

Fall classes coming soon.

Ongoing Classes

OT offers adult programs throughout the year. There is no fee unless specified.  New students are welcome to join most continuing classes at any time.

Mishnah Study with Rabbi Kalender, Wednesdays, 9:15-10:15am, starting in September. Gather each Wednesday morning to discuss the first Jewish law code. Join this lively group as we consider this core text for Jewish ethics, ritual, and theology. No prior knowledge necessary, and the English translation is used. New students welcome at any time.

Talmud Study with Rabbi Ravski, Sundays 9:45-10:45am, starting in September. Each week we will come together in study and navigate the Talmudic thought process. Studying the 3rd Chapter of Tractate Shabbat, we will explore how seemingly simple laws can ignite rabbinic discourse as the rabbis of the Talmud try and parse the definition and meaning of various concepts related to Shabbat. Together we will join the ancient rabbis in study, discussion, and understanding of what is and is not permissible on Shabbat. The class will study in English, students of all levels are welcome at any point. Please bring a copy of the Koren-Steinsaltz edith of Shabbat 1 (Volume 2 of the whole series).

Modern Conversation  Hebrew taught by Suzy Bah. Students in this class meet weekly to read, speak, and write Modern Hebrew using the textbook Hebrew From Scratch (Part 1). The class is focused on expanding vocabulary and fluency. Tuition is $200 per annum per student to help cover the cost of instruction. Questions, please contact Melinda Roth.

Shabbat Dinner and Study Group Newcomers Always Welcome! Join us at a congregant's home each month to welcome Shabbat and enjoy a delicious potluck fish/dairy meal. Discussions include the weekly Torah portion, a book of the Tanach, holiday topics, and contemporary themes. No Hebrew knowledge or previous Torah study experience is necessary. Our dynamic multigenerational group draws singles and couples, families with kids, older members, long-time members, new members, and people with a range of knowledge levels. Contact Eric Rothberg for more information and to get on our email list.