Board of Directors

The Olam Tikvah Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee, the chairs of the standing committees, 10 elected directors, some of whom serve as committee chairs, the three past presidents, and one representative each of Sisterhood, Men's Club, and the Preschool. Our committee meetings are open to anyone who is interested. We welcome your feedback and comments at any time.

2018-19 Executive Committee 

Brittanie Werbel, President

Alan Gorowitz, First Vice President
  Laura Strouse, Second Vice President
  Michelle Pearlstein, Third Vice President

Peter Maer, Secretary

  Bill Behrmann, Treasurer

Abe Schneier, Financial Secretary


2018-2019 Board of Directors

Andrea Albersheim
Clare Bachner, Social Action
Zenia Bielsker
George Billinson, Ritual
Leela Borenstein, Education
Judith Cabelli
Alyssa Cohen Sherman, Membership
Elisabeth Epstein, Membership
Lisa Friedman, Publicity
Lenny Gottesman
Marc Herwitz, Planning
Stacie Kaplan, Youth
Julian Levine
Hy Matz
Melinda Roth, Adult Education
Michael Scher
Maurine Simon, Fine Arts
Sharyn Stahl, Adult Education
Jerry Strauss, Building & Grounds
Kitty Timmes
Debbie Weber, Ways & Means
Jeff Zarkin, Safety & Security
Lori Zobler
Immediate Past-Presidents
Howard Nachman
Ilan Sussan
Harold Belkowitz
Auxilary Organizations
Neil Epstein, Olam Tikvah Preschool
Andi Dorlester and Elissa Kon, Sisterhood Co-Presidents
Jordan Baker, Men's Club President