Chanukah 2018

Chanukah Event Round Up

OTRS Mad Science Chanukah Show, Sunday, December 2, 10:00am. OT Preschoolers and OTRS younger siblings are invited to learn about light at our Mad Science Chanukah show. Learn more online.

OT Chorale Chanukah Concert & Sing-Along at Greenspring, Sunday, December 2, 2:00pm at Greenspring Village Accotink Room, 7410 Spring Village Drive, Springfield. Help the OT Chorale celebrate Chanukah with the residents at Greenspring Village.

Young Families Chanukah and Havdalah, Saturday, December 8, 4:30-6:30pm. Celebrate the seventh night of Chanukah at OT with crafts, snacks, and latkes. Young Families events focus on children ages 0-5. RSVP to Michelle Silberman at

Yachad Chanukah Game Night, Saturday, December 8, 8:00pm. Spin the dreidel at Yachad’s game night! Bring your favorite board game to play and get to know other young professionals at OT. RSVP to


Lighting Candles

Candles are lit on each of the eight nights of Chanukah - one the first night, two the second, and an additional candle on each subsequent night. We place the chanukiyah in the window in order to share the miracles of the holiday with anyone passing by our homes. The candle for the first night is placed at the far right of the chanukiyah; on each subsequent night, another candle is added to the left. An extra candle, designated as the shamash, is lit first, then used to light the others after the blessings are recited.

Each weekday, we light the chanukiyah as soon after dark as possible. On Friday afternoon, we light the chanukiyah just before we light Shabbat candles, at least 18 minutes before sunset. This year, we light candles by 4:28pm. Since we light the Chanukah candles before dark on Friday, it's customary to use longer-burning candles (Shabbat candles are perfectly acceptable for use in the chanukiyah) - they should burn for about 1.5 hours. On Saturday evening, we light the Chanukah candles after Havdalah. This year, Havdalah is at 5:36pm.


Keep OT’s Lights Shining Bright!

What light does Olam Tikvah bring to your life? As we near the end of 2018, we look back on an amazing year here at Olam Tikvah. Together, we learned and laughed, participated in time-honored traditions and experienced new ones, celebrated simchas and served others. We hope that - as you reflect on all that OT means to you - you will help Olam Tikvah continue to shine bright by donating to our Chanukah campaign. Our 640 families shining together will create lots of light this Chanukah! Any donation, large or small, is appreciated.

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