Make a Donation

We appreciate your generosity. Donations are a traditional way to commemorate a simcha or to honor the memory of a loved one. Your support will help us continue to provide all the religious, educational, and social services and programs that are important to our members and to the community. All donations will be acknowledged in the Contemporary and other reports, unless you request anonymity.

Make your donation in one of two ways:

Mail: Print the Donation Form (PDF) and mail it with your check, payable to Congregation Olam Tikvah. Please include your full name and address along with the name and complete mailing address for sending an acknowledgment card. A card will be sent to you only if you request it.

Online: Click on any of the fund names below (please note a surcharge of 2% will be added to all payments made via credit card).

Fund Descriptions

Annual Campaign: Provides for the general financial needs of the synagogue.

Capital Improvement: Provides for major, unbudgeted repairs and improvements to the physical facilities.

Chorale: Provides for the expenses of the OT Chorale.

Comfort and Condolence: Provides a fruit basket or meal to the family after a funeral or during an extended illness.

Dorothy Edison and Alexander Levin Library Fund: Provides for a wide variety of materials to be used in the beit midrash (library).

Emanuel Passamaneck Prayer Book and Tallit Fund: Provides prayer books, chumashim and talitot ($18 Talit, $36 Siddur, $54 Machzor, $72 Chumash).

Fine Arts: Supports projects that beautify and enhance Olam Tikvah.

Gerald Brissman/Lyle Miller/Carol Samuels College and Youth Fund: Provides holiday packages and mailings to the congregation’s college students living away from home and subsidies for Koach.

Harold Rib Torah and Religious Articles Fund: Maintains and acquires Torahs and other religious articles for the sanctuary.

Jerry Werbel Landscape Fund: Provides assistance for beautification of the synagogue grounds.

Kitchen Fund: Purchases kitchen equipment.

Rabbi Itzhaq M. Klirs Memorial Adult Education Fund: Provides for an annual scholar-in-residence and sponsors adult education programs.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund - Senior Rabbi: Enables the Senior Rabbi to support a wide variety of charitable, educational and growth opportunities in the community.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund - Assistant Rabbi: Enables the Assistant/Associate Rabbi to support a wide variety of charitable, educational and growth opportunities in the community.

Robert Natkin Religious School Fund: Provides for the purchases that benefit the Religious School and for educational programs for teachers and students.

Stahl Family Experience Israel Fund: Provides funds to OT youth for travel to Israel for significant periods of time.

Social Action: Supports social action and tikkun olam programming at Olam Tikvah and within the greater community.

Tzedakah Fund: Provides for the synagogue and its members.

Walter Hausfeld Playground Fund: Provides maintenance and upkeep of the playground.