Passover 5779

Pesach is the ultimate home holiday. It takes the most work, but it is also allows us the most wonderful collection of home traditions. We have created a guide to help walk you through the various rituals of home preparation. Click here to view it and don't hesitate to call or email Rabbi Kalender or Rabbi Ravski with questions.

Sell Your Chametz

As you know, we are not allowed to benefit from owning chametz during Pesach. Therefore, it is customary to sell it, and then repurchase it after the end of Pesach. It is our honor and responsibility to be your agents for this sale. There are two ways to sell your chametz: sell it online here or download and return this form. No matter which method you choose, be sure to cross this off your list no later than 8:00am on Friday, April 19.

Passover Sale at Jewish Treasures

Take 15% off a single ritual item of at least $60 at Jewish Treasures! This special lasts until Pesach, includes matzah plates, seder plates, candlesticks, kiddush cups, shofars and more! Excludes books, cards or mezuzot scrolls.

Seder Hospitality

"Let all who are hungry enter and eat. Let all who need come and celebrate Pesach." OT wants to help everyone enjoy a home-based seder. Please email or call Melissa Benson at or (703) 425-1880, if you would like to be hosted for a seder or if you have room around your table.

2 for Seder: Pushing Back on Anti-Semitism with Love and Matzah

In memory of Joyce Fienberg, a victim of the tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, we have partnered with 2 for Seder, a program to help you take action against anti-Semitism. 2 for Seder gives you the tools to invite two people who have never attended a seder to your seder, where they can begin to learn, through community, what we are all about. Click here to sign up to participate through 2 for Seder and you will receive a 2 for Seder Information Kit to support your seder. Don’t let this opportunity to take a small step pass you by, every step forward makes a huge difference.


Friday, April 19 - Erev Pesach, office closed
7:00am Shacharit & Siyyum
First Seder - No evening service

Saturday, April 20 - 1st Day of Pesach
9:30am Shabbat/Yom Tov Service
Second Seder - No evening service

Sunday, April 21 - 2nd Day of Pesach
9:30am Yom Tov Shacharit
8:30pm Ma’ariv

Monday, April 22
8:00pm Ma'ariv

Tuesday, April 23
8:00pm Ma'ariv

Wednesday, April 24
8:00am Shacharit
8:00pm Ma'ariv

Thursday, April 25, 7th Night of Pesach, office closes at 3:00pm
7:40pm Ma’ariv

Friday, April 26, 7th Day of Pesach, office closed
9:30am Yom Tov Shacharit Service
7:40pm Ma’ariv

Saturday, April 27, 8th Day of Pesach
9:30am Shabbat/Yom Tov Service including Yizkor
8:38pm Shabbat and Pesach end
8:40pm Ma’ariv
8:45pm Chametz is yours again!