Be a part of Sisterhood.

The Olam Tikvah Sisterhood is a group of diverse women welcoming and bonding with other women through programming and social activities.  We strengthen our synagogue and the community through support and outreach, enhance Jewish education for ourselves and our families and uphold, share, and create traditions.  

Co-Presidents Shari Davidson (l) and Andi Dorlester (r)Co-Presidents's Message

Ladies, we are honored to serve as your Co-Presidents and are so excited about the upcoming programming year for Sisterhood!  In the coming year, we hope to see more members involved at every level.  If you are already an active member, that's great and we hope you will continue.  If you haven't been involved much lately, we encourage you to take another look....Sisterhood is about much more than just the brunches and annual dinner (which are wonderful, by the way).  Our organization offers something for everyone and your involvement makes a significant difference to the synagogue and the community.  We offer community service opportunities, special interest groups, fun outings, tzedakah projects, and more.  Sisterhood of Olam Tikvah...come for the FUN, stay for the FRIENDS.  (Shari Davidson & Andi Dorlester)

Sisterhood 2017-2018 Board members

Upcoming Events

JCADA Presenation on Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community

Sunday, March 4, 10:00am

Moving from Strength to Strength: Expanding Domestic Abuse Awareness from Reading the Bathroom Sign to Being Able to Support a Friend.

Most people recognize the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA) as the organization whose signs you see in the bathroom. However, the bathroom signs are just one part of creating a safe  community for people experiencing domestic or dating abuse. Another part is ensuring we all can  act as part of the safety net. Join JCADA staff for an interactive workshop focused on learning to recognize red flags of an unhealthy relationship and tools to help a friend or a teen in one.  

Pink Shabbat

Breast & Ovarian Cancer in the Jewish Community

March 17, 9:30 a.m.

Join Sisterhood for a very special Shabbat service on March 17. Pink Shabbat is designed to educate women and men about the increased risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer among Jewish families, the measures they can take to protect their health, the impact of breast and ovarian cancer on the Jewish community and the resources available through support organizations, such as Sharsheret. Special learning and prayer moments are planned and Dr. Elizabeth Feldman, a local breast surgeon, will be our guest speaker. Don't forget to wear something pink!  

Rosh Chodesh Brunch

Sunday, April 15, 9:00am

Join Sisterhood for a women-led Shacharit Rosh Chodesh service in the Sanctuary beginning at 9 a.m., followed by our annual membership brunch in the social hall downstairs at 10 a.m. Cantor Annice Bellamy, representing Women of the Wall, will speak about efforts to attain social and legal recognition of women’s rights to wear prayer shawls, pray, and read from the Torah, collectively and aloud, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Interests to Share? 

Do you have a special interest you would like to share with your Sisterhood 'Sisters'? We are looking to bring together women interested in a variety of activities, i.e. genealogy, birdwatching, games, computers, beading, crafts, or cooking. Is there ANYTHING you know a little more about that you want to share with a small group? If so, please contact Ronnie Rodriguez at You do not need to be an expert in a particular area, just have a desire to share your hobby or interested with other women.


Tzedakah Projects

Casseroles for SOME, it only takes a few brief minutes to fill an empty tummy with a hearty and healthy meal. For the past 20 years, Sisterhood has supported the casserole delivery to So Others May Eat (SOME), an interfaith, community-based organization that helps our local poor and homeless. The tuna casseroles OT members provide each month help meet the daily needs of the people SOME serves.  If you are interested in helping to make casseroles at OT, please contact Leona Shoon in the OT Office. The group normally meets on Mondays at 9:00am in the OT kitchen.  For the recipe and delivery dates click here.

Mitzvah Meals, help the OT community at large with the preparation of Mitzvah Meals in the OT kitchen.  For more information and scheduling details, please contact Diane Fertman


Annual Membership Drive

Our 2017-2018 membership drive is underway.  Please take a moment to join Sisterhood either by completing our online membership form or fill out the paper  membership form, and return the paper form either by mail or in person to the OT office.  Sisterhood is also looking for volunteers, if you have a few minutes or hours we would love to have you help us out.  Fill out the paper volunteer form and return to Sisterhood by mail or drop off the form at the OT office.  Click here if you need information about our birthday grams.  Information about Women's League and SOME casseroles can be found here.


2017-2018 Torah Fund

The 2017-2018 Torah Fund drive has started.  For more information, click here.