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Second Grade Online Learning--Added 5/3

It was so wonderful to spend Sunday morning with all of you inside our tents! Below is a powerpoint filled with learning, activities, and fun all about Lag B'Omer! There is also the weekly parasha activity for you to share with your family.

All About Lag B'Omer!

Parasha Emor Activity

Second Grade Online Learning--Added 4/27

It's time to celebrate Yom Ha'Atzmaot, Israel's Independence Day! Below is a slideshow filled with learning and activities for your whole family to enjoy and flag project for you to make. We will see you on Sunday!

All About Israel

Israeli Flag Project

Weekly Parsha Activity

Second Grade Online Learning--Added 4/20

It was so wonderful to see all of you on Sunday! In anticipation of our class this coming Sunday we have put together a powerpoint filled with things for you learn. You've also got a great learning activity and video to watch all about this week's parsha.

Second Grade Learning Powerpoint

Metzora Learning Page

Second Grade Online Learning--Added 4/2

Pesach is coming but your teachers have everything you need to be ready! And don't forget to check out this week's parsha activity!

Tzav Activity

Powerpoint 3 for Second Grade

Powerpoint 4 for Second Grade

Powerpoint 5 for Second Grade

Powerpoint 6 for Second Grade

Second Grade Online Learning--Added 3/26

Hello to all of our 2nd graders! We hope you all enjoy the activities and materials below as you and your families prepare for Pesach. We can't wait to see you all online during our calls!

Second Grade Online Learning Powerpoint

Morah Jennifer's Pesach Yoga Story

Parsha Activity of the Week

Journey to the Promised Land Game

Fill Your Seder Plate Game

Story of Moses Game

Seder Time and Blessings Game

Second Grade Online Learning--Added 3/17

Below is the link to a powerpoint document filled with learning for our second graders. It's all about Pesach and includes fun facts, a video to watch, a couple of crafts, and some Hebrew words to add to your vocabulary.   We've also got a couple of ways for you to interact with the Torah reading this week. Keep an eye on your email for information about our Zoom call, where we'll talk all about what you learned!

Second Grade Online Learning Powerpoint



Second Grade

Updated 2/21/20

January, we have continued our study about Shabbat with a discussion about what it means that HaShem rested on the 7th day and what it means for a person to rest. What can you do to help your family rest on Shabbat? We also talked about how the Jewish people worked on the mishkan for 6 days and rested on the 7th. So, on Shabbat Jews rest from modern day activities linked to thirty-nine melachot involved with building the mishkan. For this, we acted out being Israelites in the desert helping to create the mishkan for 6 days of the week and then resting on the 7th day. We also discussed the origin of why we light two candles in relation to the origin of the two aspects of Shabbat - Shamor and Zachor. We used the Chumash to read the 10 Commandments in both Shemot and Dvarim. We noticed that one says “shamor” Shabbat and the other says “zachor” Shabbat. We drew group posters listing ways we can both guard and remember Shabbat. How many candles do you light in your family? We also made cartoons to show how we can help get ready for Shabbat and make Shabbat special. Then, we matched up the Shabbat items with their corresponding character traits, and we practiced the bracha for washing hands and putting the shabbat items in order on the table. Shabbat is a time to stop and think about the past week and the week ahead. It is a time to rest and reflect and enjoy being together with family.

For Hebrew, we continued to learn new letters and practice matching Shabbat items with their Hebrew names as well as reviewing the words from the Shabbat brachot and words related to Tu B’Shevat.

On Tuesdays, we have continued with the weekly parasha as well as Self-Paced Hebrew.

February, we are delving into an exploration of Tu B’Shevat and the importance of trees as well as taking care of the earth. We are planting parsley seeds that hopefully will grow enough to be used at your Pesach Seder, tasted 3 categories of fruits that grow on trees (those with an inedible outside, those with an inedible inside, and those that are wholly edible), learned about the 7 Species, and examined tree samples to determine the age of the trees.

In March, we look forward to the joys of Purim celebrations and learning.


In second grade, this past month, we have been focusing on the Jewish year and calendar. We started out with a discussion about Rosh Chodesh and acting out how the moon moves around the earth and the different shapes that the different phases produce. We made our own “Phases of the Moon” chart as well. Since Rosh Chodesh is a celebration of the new month, we then transitioned into learning about the different months and the holidays that occur in each one. We then focused on the holiday of Shabbat and even made our own challah. We have also been working on many of the Hebrew words that correspond to these topics.

On Tuesdays, we have been learning about parashat hashavua as well as Self-Paced Hebrew.

In December, we look forward learning about Chanukah, oil, dreidels, and more!

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in Tzedakah!

October/November 2019

In Kitah Bet (2nd grade), we have kept busy throughout and in-between our High Holidays. Each Sunday, we begin with doing Havdalah and collecting Tzedakah. A few weeks ago, we began a new tradition of morning circles after Havdalah: we put our chairs in a circle, put a centerpiece in the middle on the floor (with one or more objects that the teacher – or some kids – puts on it). We choose one of these objects as our talking piece: only the person holding it is allowed to speak. The teacher poses a questions and models answering it (ex: What is something I would like to let go of from last year? What is a positive experience I had during the holidays? What is a wish I have for myself and for our class for the New Year? What qualities should team players have? Etc etc). As the talking piece goes around the circle, each kid shares – unless they want to Pass. So far, the kids are getting better at sharing meaningful thoughts and listening respectfully to one another.

Next, we have continued to learn about all the High Holidays, through stories, discussions, and art projects. In Hebrew, we have been reviewing the letters Shin, Tav, and Bet, and we added Lamed, Samekh, and Nun. We also play games that involve the whole Hebrew alphabet, and try to expand our Hebrew vocabulary. On Tuesdays, we have enjoyed learning from Rabbi Ravski as well as discussing Parashat HaShavua through games and other activities. In the upcoming weeks, once Tuesday classes meet more regularly and we receive our books, the children will be studying Hebrew in a slightly more structured way.

We look forward to the upcoming weeks and months with your children!

Second Grade


We are excited to begin a new year of learning in 2nd grade!  Each Sunday, we begin with Havdalah and collecting Tzedakah.  Next, we have been exploring the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah.  We tasted different kinds of apples and different kinds of honey to determine which were our favorites.  We practiced blowing the shofar and had a contest to see who could blow the longest Tekiah Gedolah.  We baked Apple Honey Muffins and discussed what presents we would give the world for the World’s Birthday (i.e., plant trees, pick up trash, recycle…).  In the coming weeks, we will continue to explore Rosh HaShannah through the concepts of Teshuvah and Taschlich.  We will also learn about Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

In Hebrew, we have been reviewing the letters Shin, Tav, and Bet, and we have learned words that begin with these letter (especially words related to Rosh Hashanah).  We have traced the letters with beans and practiced writing them as well.

On Tuesdays, we have enjoyed learning from Rabbi Ravski as well as discussing the Parashat HaShavua through games and other activities.  

We look forward to a wonderful year learning and growing together! Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781