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Services at OT

Welcome to Olam Tikvah! Please see the schedule below and join us for services as you are able.

Daily Minyan Schedule, Sunday-Thursday
9:00am (Sundays only) Shacharit
8:15am (Wednesdays only; 8:00am when Wednesday is Rosh Chodesh) Shacharit
8:00pm Ma'ariv

Kabbalat Shabbat, Fridays
6:15pm Kabbalat Shabbat

Shabbat Morning, Saturdays
9:30am Shabbat morning
10:00am Youth Moadon Shabbat Playrooms (See details below)
11:00am Youth Shabbat services (See details below)


Shabbat at Olam Tikvah is comfortable and friendly. We use Siddur Sim Shalom as our prayer book and Etz Hayim for the Chumash. We do not have a professional chazzan, nor do we use instrumental music on Shabbat. Our congregants love to participate in the singing, and our talented lay leaders guide us dynamically and tunefully.

On Friday nights we typically welcome Shabbat with a service that often features Carlebach melodies.

Shabbat mornings offer a wealth of worship and learning opportunities for all ages. We hold one congregational service, beginning at 9:30am. Men and women of all ages - from age 13 through grandparents - lead portions of the service, receive aliyot, and read Torah. It's not unusual for younger children, below b'nei mitzvah age, to lead the chanting of specific prayers. Most Shabbat mornings also include age specific youth services for children from 18 months old through sixth grade. The morning ends with everyone back in the sanctuary for Adon Olam and Kiddush. The congregation always enjoys lunch together following services.

Youth Shabbat Services

Congregation Olam Tikvah strives to create opportunities for all of our congregants to enjoy and celebrate Shabbat. Below, you will find more information about the programs designed to meet the needs of our children, from toddlers to school-age students. All of our programs meet every week during the school year, with the exception of a few holiday weekends. All programs below meet in the Youth Wing.

Moadon Shabbat Playrooms open Saturdays at 10:00am


Moadon Katan meets in Rooms 6/7 of the Youth Wing and is a supervised play experience for children 18 months through Pre-K.

Moadon Gadol meets in the Youth Wing Lobby and is a supervised play experience for children in K-6th grade.

Later in the morning, all of our playrooms will dismiss to one of four youth service experiences:

Tot Shabbat begins in Rooms 6/7. This active and engaging service is designed for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and is filled with songs, stories, and fun! Children 18 months and older may attend without an adult. Children younger than 18 months must be accompanied by an adult to participate.

Shorashim is OT's Shabbat morning program for kids in kindergarten and 1st grade, and one of the things that makes it so special is that it is run by our OT teens! This Shabbat experience includes songs, stories, and lots of fun games.

Junior Congregation is designed for kids in 2nd-6th grade. They'll have opportunities to lead prayer, practice their skills, and add their voices to discussions and interactive activities.

All of our Youth Programs conclude with a snack, something sweet to celebrate Shabbat, and a return to the Sanctuary in time to finish the morning with the congregation before heading downstairs to enjoy kiddush lunch as a community.

Questions? Contact Debra Beland Ackerman

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