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Please call the synagogue office at (703) 425-1880 when a death occurs. Our rabbis are here to help you in every way possible, and one of those ways is to assist you with information regarding funeral customs and arrangements.

If the death occurs after office hours, or on Shabbat or a holiday, our answering service will take your information and contact the rabbis. Please understand that if it is Shabbat or a holiday, a rabbi will call you immediately after the holiday.

Our caring community is here for comfort at this difficult time. We offer ritual support by providing tahara (ritual washing of the deceased) and shomrim (people to “watch” or “guard” the deceased at the funeral home), as well as helping to make a minyan during Shiva.

In addition to contacting the rabbis, you will need to contact a funeral home. Olam Tikvah has a relationship with the Cunningham Funeral Home, (703) 549-1800, that guarantees traditional Jewish funeral practices as well as financial benefits to OT members.

Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784