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Adult Education

Adult Education at OT includes classes, lectures, and seminars that enrich the Jewish culture of our adult members. We invite you to check out our ongoing and upcoming classes, and special events below.

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Ongoing Classes

OT offers adult programs throughout the year. There is no fee unless specified. New students are welcome to join most continuing classes at any time. All ongoing classes are currently meeting on Zoom.

Short Story Series, every-other-Tuesday, 11:00am-12:00pm. Join a lively literary discussion without committing to read a novel. Register here.

Mishnah Study with Rabbi Kalender, Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30am in-person at OT. Gather each Wednesday morning to discuss the first Jewish law code. Join this lively group as we consider this core text for Jewish ethics, ritual, and theology. No prior knowledge necessary, and the English translation is provided. New students are welcome to join at any time throughout the year. In 5783/2022 we will begin studying Pirkei Avot. Email Erin Dreyfuss to be added to the class list.

Torah Study Lunch and Learn, Thursdays, 12:00pm. Join us on Thursdays for a weekly lunch and learn Torah study to supplement your Shabbat observance. Email Erin Dreyfuss to be added to the class list.

Talmud Study with Rabbi Bedo, Fridays, 10:00am in-person at OT. Join Rabbi Bedo to study this rabbinic conversation across the ages. All levels welcome to join at any time throughout the year. We will primarily learn text in English. Email Rabbi Bedo to be added to the class list.

Rosh Chodesh Singing Circle, every Rosh Chodesh after evening minyan. Join Rabbi Bedo after minyan to sing the melodies for each new month. Check the calendar and announcements each month to confirm the singing circle date.

ScholarStream 5783, series August 2022-May 2023 on Zoom. We are excited to sponsor the Conservative Movement's ScholarStream learning opportunities throughout 5783. Scholarstream 5783 features seven series from August 2022 through May 2023. Check out all the fantastic classes throughout the year and register here. To register for free, enter the case-sensitive coupon code OlamTikvah5783 under Event Fees, then click Apply.

Upcoming Classes

Tell Me How You Really Feel: Emotions in the Jewish Tradition with Rabbi Bedo, Wednesdays, October 26, November 2, November 9 and November 16, 7:30pm in-person. How do emotions such as joy, anger, sadness, and grief manifest in the Jewish tradition? Does the Talmud discuss feelings at all, or just assume them? Are Biblical characters aware of their own emotional world or do they merely express them organically? In this class we will explore how emotions appear in traditional Jewish texts. There will be plenty of talk about feelings!

Hillel and Shammai: The Great Debates with Debra Beland Ackerman, Mondays, December 5 & 12, 10:00am in-person. The Mishna says: "A disagreement which is for the sake of Heaven will be preserved, and one which is not for the sake of Heaven will not be preserved. What is a disagreement that is for the sake of Heaven? The disagreement of Hillel and Shammai." But what IS a disagreement for the sake of Heaven? We’ll look at the great debates between Hillel and Shammai and explore what their heavenly dissent can teach us about the world they lived in and the world they wanted to create for the future.

The Minor Prophets with Rabbi Kalender, Winter 2023 (dates TBD). The “Minor Prophets” weren’t of minor importance – it’s merely a description of the length of the books. These 12 prophets raise serious timeless questions about the world, human interactions and especially, the Jewish people’s relationship with God. What does God demand/request of us and what happens when we succeed or fail? These prophets, in books ranging from 1 to 14 short chapters, offer a remarkable diversity of opinions in a variety of Jewish societies and these profound books speak powerfully to us today.

Scholar in Residence

Scholar In Residence: Bex Stern Rosenblatt
Friday-Sunday, February 3-5
"The Pursuit of Meaning in the Megillot: Seeking and Finding in Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes"

Tradition holds that King Solomon wrote three great books of wisdom: the Song of Songs as a youth, Proverbs in the prime of his life, and Ecclesiastes as an elder. The books seek to answer the question of how to live well, with each book presenting a radically different exploration of what a well-lived life might look like. Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes, the books of Solomon’s youth and old age respectively, are characterized by never quite achieving the object of pursuit. Love is sought but not secured in Song of Songs. Purpose is pursued but not obtained in Ecclesiastes. Over the course of Shabbat, we will join Solomon in his pursuit of meaning and see if we can find the key to a life well-lived. 


Bex Stern Rosenblatt is the North American Faculty-in-Residence for The Conservative Yeshiva at the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center. She holds a B.A. in History and German from Williams College and is a graduate student at Bar Ilan University. She is the recipient of numerous academic awards, including a Fulbright Grant to Austria.

Previous Classes

Click the class titles below to watch some of our past class offerings.

Scholar in Residence: Jennifer Billinson, PhD, Sundays, March 27 & April 3
  Download the presentation from week 1

Israel Speaker: Gadeer Kamal-Mreeh, Sunday, March 27

Women in the Bible with Susan Kristol, Mondays, February 28, March 7, April 4
  Download the Women in the Bible class resources from week 1
  Download the Women in the Bible class resources from week 2
  Download the Women in the Bible class resources from week 3

European Jews, Jewish Europe with Rabbi Viki Bedo, Wednesdays, January 19-February 9

On Rockingham Street discussion with David Kuney, Wednesday, December 8

Judaism in Popular Culture Revisited with Debra Beland Ackerman, Mondays, November 8-22

Dear Rabbi, I Have a Question with Rabbi Viki Bedo, Wednesdays, October 13-November 3
  Download the Dear Rabbi class resources from week 1
  Download the Dear Rabbi class resources from week 2

Tikkun Leil Shavuot, Sunday, May 16, 6:30-8:00pm

Us and Them with Debra Beland Ackerman, Fridays, April 9-23

Exploring Judaism's Denominational Divide with Rabbi Brett Isserow, Mondays, February 22-March 15
  Download the Denominational Divide class resources from week 1
  Download the Denominational Divide class resources from week 2
  Download the Denominational Divide class resources from week 3
  Download the Denominational Divide class resources for week 4

Scholar in Residence: Dr. Rachel B. Gross, Sundays, February 21 & 28

Psalms with Susan Kristol, Fridays, January 22-February 5
  Click here to download the Psalms class resources

Film Discussion of Shared Legacies: The African-American Jewish Civil Rights Alliance, Sunday, December 20

Elijah: The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Fridays, October 16-December 11

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Religious Freedom, Sunday, November 29

Torah Study, Thursdays at 12:00pm

Talmud Study with Rabbi Bedo, Fridays at 10:00am


Co-Chairs Sharyn Stahl and Ellen Katkin

Mon, October 3 2022 8 Tishrei 5783