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Adult Education

Adult Education at OT includes classes, lectures, and seminars that enrich the Jewish culture of our adult members. We invite you to check out our ongoing and upcoming classes, and special events below.

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Ongoing Classes

OT offers adult programs throughout the year. There is no fee unless specified. New students are welcome to join most continuing classes at any time.

Mishnah Study with Rabbi Kalender, Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30am. Gather each Wednesday morning to discuss the first Jewish law code. Join this lively group as we consider this core text for Jewish ethics, ritual, and theology. No prior knowledge necessary, and the English translation is provided. New students are welcome to join at any time throughout the year. Email Rabbi Kalender to be added to his class list so you can receive the class materials and Zoom link to participate.

Torah Study Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Kalender, Thursdays, 12:00pm. Join Rabbi Kalender on Thursdays for a weekly lunch and learn Torah study to supplement your Shabbat observance. Email Rabbi Kalender to be added to his class list so you can receive the Zoom link to participate.

Short Story Discussion Series, Tuesdays, 11:00am. Join a lively literary discussion without committing to read a novel. Click here to sign up. Choose the stories that interest you or sign up for the entire series! Want to lead a discussion of your favorite short story? Email Erin Dreyfuss to become a discussion leader.

Beginning Hebrew Class, Thursdays, March 4-June 10, 6:30-8:00pm. Know your Aleph-Bet but not much else? Our new beginning Hebrew class is just for you! Focusing on reading proficiency, light grammar, and connections to the Siddur/Chumash, this class will help you on your way to feeling more comfortable in services. The teacher may adjust focus of the class to the level of the participants. The class will be taught by Karyn Selko, who has taught Hebrew at OT many times in the past. The cost per student for the semester is $120 for OT members and $160 for non-members. Enroll here by noon on February 26.

Upcoming Classes

Exploring Judaism's Denominational Divide with Rabbi Brett Isserow, Mondays, February 22-March 15, 1:00pm on Zoom. In this four-part series, Rabbi Brett Isserow will delve into the major religious issues which have divided the Jewish community into diverse streams. Although most of these divides took their modern form in the past two hundred years, they have deep roots in the past. We will trace the historical origins of these denominational streams and the differences in their ideology, practice, and belief systems. We will also examine how they have developed and changed over the decades and attempt to assess whence they are headed. Register here to receive the Zoom link.

JTS Evening of Learning: Racial Justice and Jewish Values, Sunday, May 2, 6:30pm. Please join us for the seventh annual Evening of Learning, an opportunity to study in-depth with JTS’s renowned scholars. Study sessions will explore a range of subjects including racism and reparations, Abraham Joshua Heschel’s teachings on racial justice, and race and reproductive justice. Click here to learn more.

Scholar in Residence

Rachel B. Gross, an OT alumna and now an Assistant Professor and the John and Marcia Goldman Chair in American Jewish Studies in the Department of Jewish Studies at San Francisco State University, will be our 2021 Zoom Scholar-in-Residence. Dr. Gross' talks will be based on her new book, Beyond the Synagogue, Jewish Nostalgia as Religious Practice, which you can order from the New York University Press. Use discount code GROSS30-FM to get 30% off plus free shipping.

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February 21
Ghosts in the Gallery: Historic Synagogues and American Jewish Nostalgia

Historic synagogues are places where Jews find meaning by connecting to the past through standing in the footsteps of previous congregants. At historic synagogues in the United States, staff members engage Jewish and non-Jewish visitors in feeling nostalgia for Eastern European immigration histories, creating religious communities that include Jews, non-Jews, and ghostly ancestors.

February 28
True Stories: Teaching Nostalgia to American Jewish Children

Through children’s books and dolls, American Jews teach their children—and other people’s children—nostalgic longing for Eastern European Jewish immigration history. Building on the intimacy of family relationships, American Jews use feelings for the past and to make meaning in the present and to shape values for the future.

World of Hope Golf Tournament, October 19, 2021

The 26th Annual World of Hope Golf Tournament, co-sponsored by Capital Caring, is a day of fun, good deeds and golf. Tournament proceeds benefit the Rabbi Itzhaq M. Klirs Adult Education Fund and Capital Caring, so play, volunteer, donate or sponsor! Click here to learn more.

Previous Classes

Click the class titles below to watch some of our past class offerings.

Exploring Judaism's Denominational Divide with Rabbi Brett Isserow, Mondays, February 22-March 15
  Click here to download the Denominational Divide class resources

Scholar in Residence: Dr. Rachel B. Gross, Sundays, February 21 & 28

Psalms with Susan Kristol, Fridays, January 22-February 5
  Click here to download the Psalms class resources

Film Discussion of Shared Legacies: The African-American Jewish Civil Rights Alliance, Sunday, December 20

Elijah: The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Fridays, October 16-December 11

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Religious Freedom, Sunday, November 29


Co-Chairs Sharyn Stahl and Ellen Katkin

Tue, March 2 2021 18 Adar 5781