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Fifth Grade Online Learning--Added 5/3

Thanks to all our 5th graders for a great class on Sunday! Below are two different activities for you to work on this week.

We looked at the diagram in class, but please take another quick look at it and keep thinking about ways that our workplaces and buildings are safer in comparison to the fire hazards shown in this diagram.


This is former President Barack Obama's address on the 100th anniversary of the fire. Please read it and think about the ways in which the government protects all types of workers today in comparison to 100 years ago. (Some things to think about: laws that protect workers, building safety regulations, minimum wage, etc)

President Barack Obama's Address

Fifth Grade Online Learning--Added 4/20

It was so great seeing all of our fifth graders on Sunday! We really enjoyed starting our new history unit with you and we know you are excited to dive in. Below is the link to the interactive online assignment we discussed towards the end of our class. You'll see the directions on how to interact with the material when you click into the page. We can't wait to see what you have to say!

5th Grade History Padlet Page

Fifth Grade Online Learning--Added 3/26

It was so great seeing so many of you online a few days ago and we can't wait to do it again. Below is the activity we talk about when we met, so dive in and see which of these people you want to learn more about...and be ready to teach the rest us about them too! There's also a video about this Shabbat's parsha for you to share with your families.

Notable Jewish Americans Project

Weekly Parsha: Shemini


Fifth Grade Online Learning--Added 3/18

We've got an online scavenger hunt for you, all about amazing Jewish women throughout history, so it's time to rev up those search engines and find them all! There's also a pair of BimBam videos for you to share with your parents about this week's Torah readings (it's a double portion Shabbat).

Online Scavenger Hunt

Parshat Vayakel Video

Parshat Pekudei Video

Fifth Grade


October/November 2019

Each student shared what does Yom Kippur mean to him/her. We also talked about Yom Kippur in Israel. We watched this video clip and discussed it:

We discussed the holiday of Sukkot as an agriculture holiday, the rules of the Sukkah and how the Israelis live in the deserts. The students created a “minifigure” version of themselves to represent Sukkot. They did wonderful work. I hope they showed you what they did at home. I was excited to hear them explaining their work. We have photos of what they have created. If you need a copy please contact me. We also connected this holiday with Passover and Shavuot to understand the relationship between both.

Next month we will focus on the Jewish Calendar (lunar calendar)

We have continued our Israel program with the topic: The Kibbutz and Agriculture in Israel. We connected the relationship with Sukkot as an agriculture holiday and Tikun Olam. Next month we will cover some of the Cities in Israel.

Parshat Ki Tavo

We focused on how can we think about our relationship with God and about how the Israelites were commanded to bring their first fruits to the temple. We also looked at the relationship between God and Israel. Links to the video clip:

Parshat Vayelch

We focused on how Moshe says good bye to the people and the mitzvot Moshe gave to the Israelites (Torah will be read all time). We also discussed Moshe's declaration that Joshua is the next leader. This is the video clip:

Trope: One group will continue with trop while the second group we will start our chevruta sessions and trop focusing on the book of Shemot. After the winter break the groups will switch. The one which one in chevruta will have trop and the trop will switch to chevruta.

On Sundays we will start also our Jewish History. We will begin with the creation of the world, Bereshit which linked to the first parashat Hashavua (Bereshit). We will be using our graphic novel book and group activities.

September 2019

In the fifth grade, we are using videos to complement much of our learning. I invite parents to view these videos too, and to talk about them with your children. Below are the concepts we explored and the videos we watched as part of our study.

  • Rosh Hashanah – Discussion about Selichot
  • What is a Mitzvah?
    • We learned it is a command and a good dead
    • We focusied on how these are related to us and the community we live in.
    • Video BimBam:
  • Weekly Parasha
    • Parshat Ki Tetzei
      • This Parashah has more mitzvot than any other (75)
      • There are two categories of mitzvot: Ritual and Ethical. We gave examples from our life
      • The Torah is greatly concerned with preventing the suffering of the animals. We discussed the importance of preventing animal cruelty
      • In groups we prepared posters with the commitment on how to take care of animal following the commend of (preventing animal suffering) צער בעלי חיים
      • Video BimBam:
  • Israel

In the coming weeks we will look at the kibbutz movement, the Jewish calendar, and we will continue to explore each weeks parasha. Our study of Shemot, the second book of the Torah, will begin after Yom Kippur.

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781