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Sixth Grade Online Learning--Added 5/8

Great job in class on Sunday- you all did a fantastic job learning about Kashrut! Before we meet again on 5/10, please do the following things:

  1. First, watch the Bim Bam intro video to get a basic overview for Kashrut. Even if you know a lot, still watch the video - you’ll want the information for a Kahoot!
  2. Then, read through the link on Coca-Cola, and pay attention! It’s a pretty cool story!
  3. Next, watch a short video that Jonah, his brother, and a friend made a few years ago (it’s okay to laugh at it).
  4. Finally, play the Kahoot. Use your real name so we know if you beat us! The Kahoot is based entirely off of the first three items you need to complete, so I highly recommend actually looking through them!
    • Also, note that the Kahoot will automatically close on Sunday at 11AM, so please do it before we meet!!

Sixth Grade Online Learning--Added 3/26

We loved seeing all of you on Sunday in class! As we discussed, we are focusing on the idea of mitzvot you can do while at home with your families. Below is the material we looked at and we hope that you'll read through it and pick those mitzvot you'll be taking on before we meet again.

Mitzvot List

Sixth Grade Online Learning--Added 3/26

Hello sixth grade! Your teacher would like them to read the materials below and reflect on them, in preparation for our next online class, where we can share our thoughts. We also have a link where you can go to practice the Four Questions in anticipation of the upcoming Pesach sederim!

Judaism and Sportsmanship

Four Questions

Sixth Grade Online Learning--Added 3/18

Pop the popcorn, it's time for a movie...or maybe you should grab some pita chips, because we're watching Hummus! The Movie. This great film is about more than just hummus, it's about the people of Israel and how they connect with one another through food. Once you've finished watching the movie, head to our padlet page to answer a few questions about the film and see what others have to say.

Hummus! The Movie

Padlet with Questions about the Movie

Sixth Grade

Updated 2/21/20

Sixth grade is progressing smoothly! We're tackling deep elements in the weekly parshas and compiling our family trees for our upcoming Ellis Island event!! We'll begin our Holocaust education shortly, but for now we're working on spotlights of 19th century Jewish history!


The Sixth grade is moving right along! We've been focusing on connecting the weekly Parashot and the stories they tell to our lives as Jews in the modern day. Up ahead, we begin the early half of the 1900s and discovering how our traditions have evolved and strengthened over the centuries.

October/November 2019

Sixth grade has been progressing well! We've had comprehensive discussions about the High Holidays, discovering how we can connect them to our everyday lives and our Jewish identities. The students have asked for us to go over the timeline of major Jewish events, so we'll begin that next, and tie that into Jewish immigration patterns. The students love interactive, discussion-based lectures where they get to take part in the teaching process, and I'm excited to see where the discussions go from there!

September 2019

In class so far, we’ve gone over a few things to help cement fundamental understandings of Judaism and Jewish history. We’ve discussed different Jewish subcultures and where they originated from (Ashkenaz and Sepharad), learned the ins and outs of what animals are kosher to eat and why, and pondered why, if there are so many famous Jews, Jewish representation in the media is a bit lacking. In the next few weeks, we’ll focus more on why Jews from Europe, the Middle East and Africa were looking to flee to come to America, and we’ll trace those stories.

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781