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Kindergarten Online Learning--Added 3/3

It was so much fun to spend Sunday morning with all of you! Below are a few things you can share with your famly this week: A Lag B'Omer matching game which could also be used for a Headbandz game, a Lag B'Omer sequencing Game and a Lag B'Omer BINGO game. There are also three stories for you to enjoy.

Next Sunday (5/10) we will be learning about Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, so we'd like to ask parents to help their kids make a blanket fort as a cave. You can use couch cushions and a blanket, a table with a blanket over it, or just a blanket over your child's heads and computer or device while on Zoom. It would be great if they could have a snack to enjoy during the class too as we will be on a "picnic".

A Lag B'Omer matching game

Lag B'Omer Sequencing Game

Lag B'Omer BINGO

Stories: A Holiday for Ari Ant

Sadie’s Lag B’Omer Mystery

Rabbi Akiva Puppet

Kindergarten Online Learning--Added 4/29

We loved seeing all of you on Sunday morning! Below are some activities for you to do and some videos about counting the Omer, making challah, and an alef bet song to sing along with!

Lag B'Omer Nature Scavenger Hunt

Lag B'Omer Matching Game

Counting the Omer

Baking Challah with Morah Nechama

Alef Bet Song

Kindergarten Online Learning--Added 4/20

It was so great to see all of our students on Sunday! For next week, we'd like to ask your parents to print the games below (Bingo and Places in Israel) and to print the hamsa for you to cut out and decorate. We'll be using all of them during our class. We'll also be doing a cooking project, so if possible you should have a tomato, a lemon (or some lemon juice), salt, olive oil, and cucumber, along with a plastic knife and bowl to make Israeli Salad. Finally, there are Hebrew letter cards you can print and cut to help us sing our Alef Bet Song!

Bingo Game

Israel Places Game

Israel Matching Game

Hamsa Art Project

Alef Bet Cards

Kindergarten Online Learning--Added 3/26

It was so great to see so many of you a few days ago online! We can't wait for our next Kindergarten online class. In the meantime, your teachers have created lots of things for you to do at home with your families, with a focus on the upcoming holiday of Pesach. We hope you enjoy the learning in the links below!

Morah Nechama Reads The Matzah Ball

Morah Nechama Teaches the Four Questions

The Order of the Seder

Crossing the Red Sea Craft Activity

Kaf Coloring Page

Pesach Headbands Game

Kindergarten Online Learning--Added 3/17

Below you'll find lots of fun things to do together with your kindergarten! There's a Pesach yoga story, lots of great Pesach songs, some ideas for seder crafts, and a two great videos, including a four questions sing-a-long!

Pesach Yoga Story

Pesach Songs

Pesach Crafts and Activities

Shaboom Passover Special

Four Questions Sing-a-Long


Updated 2/21/20

We are working really hard learning our Hebrew letters! We will learn the letters Tet (“T”), Hey (“H”), Mem/Final Mem (“M”), Ayin (Silent), and Resh (“R”). Our vocabulary words are: Tet = Tallit, Tu B’Shevat, Tov and Hey = Havdalah, Har, Hagaddah, Mem = Mezzuzah, Megillah, and Ayin = Etz, Olam and Resh = Ra’ashan (noise), Rimonim (pomegranate). All together we’ve learned:

Shin, Lamed, Dalet, Tav, Alef, Koof, Bet, Vet, Gimmel Tzadee, Final Tzadee, Chet, Nun, Final Nun, Hey, Tet, Mem, Final Mem,
Ayin, and Resh.

We’ve also introduced 4 vowels (all that make an “Ah” sound) so we can begin putting them together to make more sounds! The children love learning the new letters and exploring them through art, games and manipulatives.

This month we will be learning more about the Havdalah brachot and their meaning. We made our own Havdalah candle and Besamim. Plus we made a mezzuzah and learned about them. We also be learned about Tu B’Shevat. We continue to learn about the Parasha of the week, which has been about the story of Yosef, the Passover story, plus about the Mishkan and 10 Commandments.

We are still working our way through the class with Talmid/Talmida of the Yom (student of the day) and the children love sharing about themselves and finding connections with their peers.

Just a reminder, please have your child bring a refillable water bottle, Tzedakah money, and a backpack to hold all their treasures. Thanks!

Morah Nechama, Morah Amanda and Madricha Claire


This is a short month with only 2 classes! We will be learning about Chanukah. Our Hebrew letters this month are: Chet (“Ch”) and Nun/Final Nun (“N”). Our vocabulary words are: Chanukah, Chanukiah, Chodesh and Challah plus Ner, Nerot and YayiN.

We have a fun Chanukah program planned with Mad Science coming! Plus we will be working on the Chanukah brachot and Chanukah songs too. We’ll hopefully make latkes!

Please remember to bring a refillable water bottle and backpack to each class plus Tzedakah coins. Please also remember to LABEL all jackets and water bottles. Thanks!

Morah Nechama, Morah Amanda and Madricha Claire

October/November 2019

The fall holidays are behind us and now we are ready to LEARN!

Our new Hebrew letters this month will be: Bet and Vet (“B” and “V”) with the vocabulary words: Bimah, Bayit, Besamim and Beit Knesset, Gimmel (“G”) Gadol and Gamal and Tzadee and final Tzadee (“Tz”) Tzedakah, Tzedek and Etz.

We have been learning about the weekly Torah portion (Parasha). This month we have parshiot: Lech Lecha, Vayera, Chayei Sarah and Toldot. We will learn about Avraham and Sarah, the mitzvah Hachnasat Orchim (inviting guests), their son Yitzchak and his wife Rivka and their twins Esav and Yaakov.

We will also be making Tzedakah boxes, a clothes hanger for a guest’s jacket, and we’ll be learning about Rosh Chodesh (new Jewish month). We will also talk about the connection between Sukkot and Thanksgiving. Guess who had the idea for a feast to say thank you first?? J Of course it was us!!!!

The children enjoy our music specialist, Moreh Josh. They also enjoy doing Talmid/Talmida of the Yom (Student of the day) where we pick a friend and learn about that friend; building community and finding connections. Plus we have Kehillah Tefillah (Community Prayer) where we gather with 1st grade to make Havdalah and do our morning Tefillot (prayers). Lots of community building happening!

Please remember to bring a refillable water bottle, Tzedakah coins and a backpack to hold all our treasures. Thanks!!

Morah Nechama, Morah Amanda and Madricha Claire

September 2019

Welcome to Kindergarten! It's going to be a great year! 
This month we will begin learning the Alef Bet, covering letters Shinשׁ   (“sh”), Lamed  ל (“L”) and Dalet  ד
(“D”).  Our vocabulary words are: Shin = Shofar, Shabbat, Shema, and Shalom. Lamed = Lev and Lulav and Dalet = Degel and Delet. We will be learning a letter each week! We will explore the letters through games, manipulatives and art. 
In kindergarten we will be learning about the Torah portion of the week and any mitzvot related to that Parasha. In this month’s parshiot, we learn about Tzedakah, not speaking gossip (Lashon Hara), and returning lost items (Hashovat Aveidah). 
We will also be learning about Israel and the Chagim (holidays) so this month we will be covering Rosh Hashanah and will be baking honey cake!
Our special activities include Music with Moreh Josh, Alef Bet Yoga, Israeli dancing, Baking and Kehillah Tefillah (Community Prayer) where we gather with 1st grade in the sanctuary and make Havdalah together and sing our morning prayers. Kehillah Tefillah and Music will happen each week and the other special activities will be monthly or every other month. 
Please have children bring in a refillable water bottle, Tzedakah coins, and a backpack each week so the children have somewhere to put the treasures they will make in Hebrew School! Thanks! 
Morah Nechama, Morah Amanda 
and Madricha Clare

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781