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Board of Directors

The Olam Tikvah Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee, the chairs of the standing committees, 10 elected directors, some of whom serve as committee chairs, the three past presidents, and the current presidents of Sisterhood, Men's Club, and the Preschool.

The Board of Directors establishes the basic operating philosophy of, and sets the goals and objectives for, the Congregation, following the Bylaws and Constitution and the authority of the Congregation as exercised at membership meetings. It also establishes basic policies that impact the synagogue as a whole, and reviews and approves the decisions and activities of management and committees.

Our committee meetings are open to anyone who is interested. We welcome your feedback and comments at any time. Contact President Alan Gorowitz.

Click here to watch our 2020 Annual Meeting.

Executive Committee 2021-22

Alan Gorowitz, President

Laura Strouse, 1st Vice President

Michelle Pearlstein, 2nd Vice President

 Steve Dienstfrey, 3rd Vice President

Andi Dorlester, Secretary

Dan Werbel, Treasurer

Ed Shnekendorf, Financial Secretary

Board of Directors 2021-22

Gary Aiken
Clare Bachner, Social Action
George Billinson, Ritual
Leela Borenstein, Education
Judith Cabelli, Ways & Means
Josh Fertel
Marnie Fienberg, Communications
Ellyn Fine
Max Hyman
Stacie Kaplan, Youth
Melinda Roth, Membership
Yoni Saad
Terry Sereboff
Zach Silberman, Planning
Sara Silverman
Maurine Simon, Fine Arts
Sharyn Stahl, Adult Education
John Stemen, Safety & Security
Jerry Strauss, Building & Grounds
Jerry Vitner
Debbie Weber, Membership
Immediate Past-Presidents
Brittanie Werbel
Howard Nachman
Ilan Sussan
Auxiliary Organizations
Halli Weiner, Olam Tikvah Preschool President
Annie Schwartz and Melissa Albert, Sisterhood Co-Presidents
Marvin Kon, Men's Club President

Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782