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Chesed Committee

The Chesed Committee is dedicated to reaching out to our home-bound members to help make sure that they can remain engaged in our community. Volunteers are needed to provide rides to and from OT for services and events, to visit home-bound congregants or those in the hospital, and to call home-bound congregants. You can help bring the Olam Tikvah community to those in need by volunteering for any of the mitzvot below.

Rides to OT

If you want to be involved in OT services or events, but are unable to drive yourself, the Chesed Committee is here to help. Click here to request a ride to Shabbat services or synagogue events.

If you can drive fellow OT members to services or events, click here to sign up as a driver.

If you are unable to drive, or don't drive at night, click here to request a ride.

Home-bound & Hospital Visits & Phone Calls

Help bring the OT community to our home-bound members and those in the hospital by volunteering to visit congregants in their homes or in the hospital, or by calling them to help keep in touch.

Click here to sign up to be a visitor or caller.

Click here to request a visit or phone call.

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784