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Kol Nidre Appeal 5781

Engagement through Olam Tikvah provides each of us a “world of hope” throughout the year. We ask you to continue to lift up our community with your participation in the Kol Nidre Appeal with a gift that is meaningful to you. 

In a typical year, congregational dues cover approximately 70% of the operating budget. The additional 30% is essential to meet our congregational expenses. 
As we approach the High Holy Days during this global pandemic, we see firsthand how our community lifts us up as individuals and how, as individuals, we lift up a renewed commitment to our community. It is paramount that we continue to serve as a source of strength and support for all our members today and always. Please know, we are here to support you and provide hope.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation and your Kol Nidre Appeal contribution.

Wishing you a sweet, safe and healthy 5781,

Alan Gorowitz, President
Judith Cabelli, Chair, Ways and Means Committee

Popular Donation Amounts 
$54   $118   $180   $360   $540   $720   $1,000   $1,800   $3,600


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Sat, January 16 2021 3 Shevat 5781