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Kol Nidre Appeal 5784

The yamim noraim (High Holidays) are a time to reflect upon the past, appreciate our blessings, and anticipate the sweetness to come. In 5784, we will recognize the 60th anniversary of this special kehillah (community). We are grateful to those who built and sustained this community and are so proud that OT today is thriving and that our culture of connectivity, exploration, and trust empowers members to own and grow our community in new and exciting ways.

Olam Tikvah means “World of Hope,” and this kehillah serves as a source of strength, support, and hope for our members in good times and challenging times. At this time of year, we ask you to renew your commitment to this special community. The sense of pride and fulfillment that comes from both giving to and receiving from our community is truly uplifting.

Financially supporting Olam Tikvah, through the Kol Nidre Appeal (KNA) and throughout the year, provides support well beyond paying for our operations. Most importantly, it helps ensure the availability of opportunities core to our values for our members: Bar and Bat Mitzvah tutors are paid for their time and service, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. The religious school fee structure covers about 75% of the total cost of religious school operational expenses. In a typical year, congregational dues and tuition for religious school cover a bit more than 70% of the operating budget. Congregational hope and generosity provide 30% of our resources. Olam Tikvah’s continued strength relies on our generosity and our willingness to invest in hope for the future. Those who step up beyond their obligations make so much more possible for our community at-large.

Engagement through Olam Tikvah provides each of us a “world of hope” throughout the year. We ask you to invest in this community with your participation in the Kol Nidre Appeal.
Here is how the Kol Nidre Appeal works. Everyone receives this letter by mail. If you regularly receive email from OT, you will receive an email that links to this letter. That email will also include an opportunity to make your donation online. You can participate by donating through the provided link in the email, contacting the office or by mailing in a check. Throughout September and October, members of the Board of Directors and volunteers will reach out to every household with a Shana Tovah greeting. If you prefer to make your gift during the call, feel free to do so.
The High Holy Days are a special time of year, a time to strengthen and renew our bonds as a community so our lives remain filled with Jewish meaning.
Please consider making a meaningful gift at this time of year. Whether you can give $54, $10,054, or somewhere in between, we hope you feel a renewed sense of satisfaction as you lift up our special Olam Tikvah community with your Kol Nidre donation. Thank you in advance. Together, we truly are a World of Hope.

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Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784