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Upcoming Events

Sell Your Chametz, online by 4:00pm on Thursday, April 14 or in-person by 9:15am on Friday, April 15. As you know, we are not allowed to benefit from owning chametz during Pesach. Therefore, it is customary to sell it, and then repurchase it after the end of Pesach. It is our honor and responsibility to be your agents for this sale. Sell your chametz here.

Shacharit & Fast of the Firstborn Siyyum, Friday, April 15, 8:00am. The Fast of the Firstborn (Ta’anit Bechorim) commemorates the horrific tenth plague that God inflicted on Pharaoh and the Egyptian people. In recognition of this moment, firstborn Jews fast on Erev Pesach. As this is a minor fast, there is a widely practiced exemption: Judaism allows anyone who attends a religious feast to forego fasting. It is customary to hold a celebratory meal on the completion of study of a piece of text, called a siyyum (conclusion). Whether you are a firstborn relieving yourself from the pre-Pesach fast, or anyone else simply looking to learn a little, come join us for the siyyum. Rabbi Bedo will complete studying the last chapter of Masekhet Pesachim of the Babylonian Talmud. This is the chapter in the Talmud where the rabbis discuss the seder, so the siyyum might even include material for your evening’s discussion! After the siyyum, we will celebrate with a light breakfast.

Passover Items at Jewish Treasures. The most wonderful time of the year is coming…..Passover. To help you get prepared Jewish Treasures has a variety of seder plates, matzah plates, Haggadot, bags of plagues, hostess gifts, Afikomen gifts and much more to grace your tables. Contact the office or Joanne Stryer to make an appointment. Chag Sameach!

Passover Resources

Passover Guide

Pesach is the ultimate home holiday. It takes the most work, but it is also allows us the most wonderful collection of home traditions. Pesach begins the evening of Friday, April 15. To help you prepare yourself and your home for Passover, we have created a guide to walk you through the various rituals of home preparation. Download the guide here.

Kashering Your Kitchen with Hadar

Kashering your kitchen for Pesach is easy with this step-by-step video guide from Rabbi Ethan Tucker of Hadar.

Haggadah Recommendations and Seder Questions

To help you host a seder, we've compiled a list of recommended Haggadot and questions you can ask at your seder to spark conversation. Click here to download the list.

Passover Recipes

Incorporate new recipes into your seder with new recipes from Sisterhood and the USCJ.

Olam Tikvah Sisterhood Passover Recipes

USCJ Community Cookbook

Setting Your Seder Table

Setting the table is a great job for kids, but they can do more than just putting out plates and forks! Click here to see Education Director Debra Beland Ackerman's ideas that kids can use to create a table that invites conversation and adds to the experience of the seder. Sharing the seder at more than one table this year? Send this link to the folks on the other side of the screen to create matching or complementary tablescapes or to play BINGO at everyone's table!

Maggid Paper Bag Dramatics

Hand over the reins to your kids and charge them with staging the maggid (the story of the Exodus). The beauty of paper bag dramatics is that you fill a bag with props found around the house, so no need to hit the store (click here for a "shopping list" to get you started). Then it's time for the performance. We've got a great script you can use or your kids can write their own. Be sure to encourage them to cast actors of all ages, including those who can't read yet (they can act things out while someone else narrates). And this is another great activity for tables in multiple places-just be sure to share the plan with everyone ahead of time.

PJ Library Passover Potpourri for Young Families

"Passover Potpourri" is a discussion of Passover games, activities, and craft projects. Click here to view the recorded webinar and download PJ Library's Passover materials.

Passover Schedule

Thursday, April 14

4:00pm: Last chance to sell your chametz online
After Dark: Bidikat Chametz (Search for Chametz)

Friday, April 15 - Erev Pesach

Office closed
8:00am: Fast of the Firstborn Siyyum
9:15am: Last chance to sell your chametz in-person
10:55am: Stop eating chametz
By 12:00pm: Nullify chametz
7:28pm: Shabbat/Passover candle lighting; First seder

Saturday, April 16

9:30am Shabbat/Passover service in-person and via livestream
8:28pm: Second night of Passover candle lighting; Second seder

Sunday, April 17

9:30am Passover service in-person and via livestream
8:30pm: Ma'ariv in-person and via livestream

April 18-20 - Chol HaMoed

8:00pm: Ma'ariv in-person and via livestream

Thursday, April 21

7:30pm: Ma'ariv in-person and via livestream
7:33pm: 7th Night candle lighting

Friday, April 22

Office closed
9:30am Passover service in-person and via livestream
7:30pm: Ma'ariv in-person and via livestream
7:34pm: Shabbat/8th Night candle lighting

Saturday, April 23

9:30am Shabbat/Passover service in-person and via livestream, including Yizkor
8:30pm: Ma'ariv service in-person and via livestream
8:34pm: Passover ends
8:40pm: Chametz is yours again!

Resources for Services

Services at OT

Olam Tikvah will hold Shabbat and Yom Tov services during Passover in-person and via livestream on the first two days and the last day of Passover.

Siddur Sim Shalom for Festivals

Festival Evening Siddur Sim Shalom
Festival Morning Siddur Sim Shalom
Festival Afternoon Siddur Sim Shalom
Yizkor Siddur Sim Shalom
Counting the Omer Siddur Sim Shalom

Etz Hayim

Pesach Day 1 Torah and Haftarah
Pesach Day 2 Torah and Haftarah
Pesach Day 3 Shabbat Torah and Haftarah
Pesach Day 4 Torah and Haftarah
Pesach Day 5 Torah and Haftarah
Pesach Day 6 Torah and Haftarah
Pesach Day 7 Torah and Haftarah
Pesach Day 8 Torah and Haftarah

Audio Recordings

Tefillat Tal
Shir HaShirim Chapter 1
Shir HaShirim Chapter 2
Shir HaShirim Chapter 3
Shir HaShirim Chapter 4
Shir HaShirim Chapter 5
Shir HaShirim Chapter 6
Shir HaShirim Chapter 7
Shir HaShirim Chapter 8
El Maleh Rachamim


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