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Call of the Shofar

Prepare for the High Holidays with the Call of the Shofar. Throughout the month of Elul, we look forward to sounding the shofar and sharing inspiration with each other. Volunteer to blow shofar or share a prayer with our community.

Submissions will be shared in daily emails Sunday-Friday throughout the month of Elul, beginning August 9. All ages are encouraged to participate and you are welcome to participate in both the shofar and share a prayer. We hope that you will add your voice to our Call of the Shofar to help us usher in a meaningful 5782. Learn more below.

Sound the Shofar

Shofar Blowers Needed

Throughout the month of Elul, we sound the shofar to awaken ourselves to the coming New Year. Help us sound the shofar daily in our community by submitting a video of yourself blowing shofar.

Please email Erin Dreyfuss to join our list of shofar blowers.

Shofar instructions: Blow TEKIA, SHEVARIM, TRUAH, TEKIA (please do not call out each note or recite a blessing). You can record yourself inside, outside, or wherever you like.

Share a Prayer

Your Reflections Needed

Let’s draw strength from one another through the words of our hearts and heads. As we head into the New Year, please share something you've learned about yourself or the world that inspires you. Share a reflection, a poem, or a prayer in writing or video.

Please email Erin Dreyfuss to join our list of writers.

Video submissions: 60 seconds or less
Text submissions: 200 words or less

Fri, August 12 2022 15 Av 5782