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Call of the Shofar

In preparation for the High Holiday season, Olam Tikvah is excited to gather in new ways through our Call of the Shofar initiative. Beginning in the month of Elul and continuing through the High Holidays, we look forward to offering new and different ways to connect our community socially, intellectually, liturgically, and spiritually. See the programs below and stay tuned for more opportunities.

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Introduction | Sound the ShofarRecipe Sharing | Virtual Meal SharingMeal Swap | Short Story Class | My New YearWine Tasting

Sound the Shofar

Throughout Elul, we will hear the call of the shofar and read the thoughts of members of our community as we turn our attention to the sacred possibilities of the New Year.

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Recipe Sharing

OT’s Virtual Fall Holidays Cookbook
Recipes shared by OT members

Thank you to everyone who shared a recipe for the High Holidays. Click below to try a new entree, side dish, dessert, challah, or break fast meal.

Entrees: New Year, New Food
Sides: Mix & Match

Desserts: Let them eat cake
Apples & Honey Challah
Break Fast: Let's Eat!
Sukkot: Delicious Dishes to Eat Outdoors

Special thanks to our volunteer coordinator, Shelly Palley.

Virtual Meal Sharing

Eat together: Share a virtual meal

OT is here to connect you with other families to come together online to share a meal. Sign up to be matched with other OT members to eat Rosh Hashanah dinner or Yom Kippur Break Fast virtually together.

Sign up by September 9 for Rosh Hashanah and by September 21 for Break Fast.

Click here to learn more and sign up

Meal Swap

Exchange food to complete your Rosh Hashanah menu

The Call of the Shofar Holiday Meal Swap is a way to help you share food and receive food in return. Since we cannot enjoy holiday meals together, we can share food! If you're not hosting the big Rosh Hashanah dinner you usually do, don't cut your brisket recipe in half. Swap it instead!

How does it work?

Sign up to prepare food and request something else in return. For example, make a large pot of soup and swap half of it for part of someone else's apple cake. OT will match you with someone who is looking for your item in exchange for theirs. Matched members will coordinate the exchange between themselves.

Sign up by September 9 to be matched for a swap by September 11.

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Short Story Discussion Series

Join a lively literary discussion without committing to read a novel.
Tuesdays, August 25-September 29

How many of us said we were going to take advantage of this quarantine to make a dent in a novel we've been meaning to read? If you haven't started yet, you're not alone! Instead of a lengthy tome, sign up for our Short Story Discussion Series. Relax with a good story and then talk about it with your OT friends.

The series will meet on Tuesdays at 11:00am beginning August 25. Choose the stories that interest you or sign up for the entire series! Stories will be distributed to all pre-registered attendees prior to each class.

Click here to register

Want to lead a discussion of your favorite short story? Email Erin Dreyfuss to become a discussion leader.

My New Year

Photographs tell a story.

Photographs are powerful. They capture experiences, Jewish ritual, learning. They teach us about ourselves and about the photographers who take them.

This year, all of our members were invited to help tell the story of us – the story of the Olam Tikvah community – in pictures. The result below captures the essence of your New Year and what this season means to you.

Israeli Wine Tasting

A Serial, Social-Distanced tasting of Israeli Wines
Thursdays, August 27, September 3, September 10

Come together on zoom to learn about the wines, wineries and winemakers, and the geography of winemaking in Israel. Educator and Israeli wine enthusiast, Steve Kerbel, has curated a half-case (six wines) of Israeli wines for a special Call of the Shofar class. Each week, we will enjoy one red and one white. We won’t plan to finish the bottles during the tasting, so split the half-case with friends and join the class together socially distanced on a patio, save the wine you don’t drink in class for Shabbat dinner, or unwind with another glass later in the week.

Click here to learn more about ordering the wine and to register to receive the zoom link

Click here to watch the class recordings


Tue, October 20 2020 2 Cheshvan 5781